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School Life

Parents’ Association (BSocial)

At the heart of Bishopsgate’s vibrant and energetic community, where parents, teachers, and children come together is the Bishopsgate Social (BSocial) association, playing a valuable role in fostering connections and fun-filled events for all.

The BSocial Vision

To create a vibrant school community with a sense of belonging that goes beyond the classroom.

The BSocial Mission

Together we build an energetic and fun social scene. One that promotes a wonderful collaborative spirit, one created by enthusiastic volunteers and parent participation, one that benefits children, parents, teachers and their charities.

BSocial’s values

Inclusivity | Philanthropy | Creativity | Sustainability

Connecting families, creating memories

BSocial provides a platform that brings the entire school community together through engaging social events and initiatives. It is a fantastic opportunity for Bishopsgate families to connect in a relaxed and enjoyable manner, creating lasting memories and friendships.

Supporting education, enriching lives

While having fun, BSocial also plays a crucial role in supporting the school. Through fundraising efforts, generous donations, and charitable initiatives, it enriches the lives of our pupils, teachers, and the local community.

Get involved

Become a part of our vibrant and welcoming Bishopsgate community. BSocial offers a diverse range of social events and activities that cater to various interests, ensuring everyone feels included and valued. We owe much of our unique Bishopsgate experience to the active involvement of parents. If you are a Bishopsgate parent looking to be a part of BSocial and contribute to our lively community, please reach out to the School Office through our Contact Us page.

Engage, connect, and thrive

Through BSocial, parents have a unique opportunity to engage with the school, connect with fellow parents, and thrive in a collaborative and supportive environment.

Making a difference together

BSocial’s philanthropic efforts extend beyond our school’s boundaries, making a positive impact on the broader local community. Your involvement in BSocial not only enriches your child’s school experience but also gives you the chance to be a proud and active member of the Bishopsgate family.

Embrace creativity and sustainability

At BSocial, we celebrate creativity and encourage sustainable practices in all our initiatives. Together, we can create a greener and more vibrant future for our school community.