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Financial Assistance / Bursary

At Bishopsgate, we believe in nurturing talent and supporting our students in their educational journey. Scholarships and assisted places are designed to provide opportunities for students to excel and reach their full potential.

Scholarships in Year 7

At Bishopsgate, we recognise and celebrate excellence in various aspects of school life. Scholarships are available for both current and prospective applicants entering Year 7. These scholarships aim to acknowledge outstanding achievements in academics, sport, and creative and performing arts. Additionally, we offer all-rounder scholarships for students who demonstrate exceptional academic performance along with expertise in one or more specialized areas.

Applying for Scholarships

To be considered for a scholarship, prospective applicants undergo an assessment day during the Lent Term. The decision is based on the candidate’s performance during the assessment and, for external candidates, the reference received from their feeder school. Scholarships may also be complemented with means-tested assisted places.

Means-tested assisted places

We understand that some families may require financial assistance. To apply for a means-tested assisted place for children entering Year 1 and above, parents should indicate their request at the time of application by sending a separate letter or email to our Registrar. Upon receiving the request, our Bursar will provide parents with a confidential application form. This information is treated with the utmost confidentiality. Please note that a limited number of means-tested assisted places are available.

Annual review and expectations

Our aim is to provide ongoing support to deserving students who demonstrate commitment and dedication to their studies. Each assisted place is reviewed annually, ensuring satisfactory academic performance, good conduct, and adherence to the Terms & Conditions in effect at the time.

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For more detailed information about scholarships and means-tested assisted places at Bishopsgate School, please contact our Bursar on 01784 480221 or via our Contact page for further details.