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With a comprehensive sports programme at Bishopsgate, Sport is an integral part of the education we provide. Each year our pupils engage in 500 inter-school fixtures across 12 different sports.

We firmly believe that it plays a crucial role in fostering the holistic development of our children. Through sports, they learn valuable skills like sportsmanship, collaboration, leadership, and physical literacy. Some of the highlights of the last year include:

  • Following the ESSA Swimming National Finals, Bishopsgate earned the accolade of the finest medium-sized swimming school in the country.
  • 31 Bishopsgate swimmers earned qualifications for the Nationals at the London Aquatic Centre, the most of any school in the country. Our boys and girls teams are now ranked 5th and 16th in the country.
  • Our U11 Girls’ Netball team qualified for the prestigious IAPS National Netball Finals.
  • Our cricket team were victorious in the IAPS Cricket Nationals.
  • Our athletes have dominated the biathlon and cross-country podiums against our local competitors. We had outstanding athletes who have qualified for the Athletics Nationals.
  • We were winners of the Bradfield College Prep School Golf Tournament and the Bishopsgate Open, our own event we host for a number of Schools each year.

A broad and inclusive approach

At Bishopsgate, we believe in a ‘sport for all’ ethos, offering every child has the chance to represent the school in competitive settings. Our exceptional facilities ensure that every pupil finds something they can excel in. Each year the entire Bishopsgate community experiences our annual Sports Day, a highlight of our busy school calendar.

Games and Physical Education (PE)

Our sports programme is divided into two main areas: Games and PE, with both components working hand in hand to provide a comprehensive and well-rounded sports experience.


Healthy competition

At Bishopsgate, we understand the importance of healthy competition in the development of our children. Starting from Year 3, we arrange weekly competitive fixtures against other local prep schools. We believe that learning to win, lose, and participate in a sporting manner is crucial for their growth. We take this approach to the mountains each year too as our Bishopsgate ski team successfully carve their way down Italian ski slopes in the IAPS downhill race skiing competition in Italy.

Success in local, regional, and national tournaments

Our dedication to success in sports reflects in our participation in numerous local, regional, and national tournaments where Bishopsgate has enjoyed remarkable success.

Focused training and match sessions

To achieve and maintain our level of success, we prioritise coaching and match sessions. Each week, we dedicate two hours to coaching, and a match afternoon. In addition to these scheduled sessions, we also offer after-school and lunchtime training.

Encouraging active participation

At Bishopsgate, we encourage all pupils to actively participate in various sporting activities. Whether they excel in a particular sport or wish to explore different options, our comprehensive programme ensures that every child finds a space to nurture their talents and interests.

Promoting sportsmanship and team spirit

Beyond the physical aspects of sports, we focus on instilling sportsmanship and team spirit in our pupils. They learn to respect their opponents, work collaboratively with teammates, and embrace the values of fair play.

Embracing a well-rounded approach

At Bishopsgate, we believe in a well-rounded approach to games and sports. Whilst we emphasise healthy competition and success, we equally prioritise the enjoyment and personal growth that comes from participating in sports activities.

Boys’ Games

Each term, our boys have the opportunity to engage in a variety of sports, fostering their physical abilities and team spirit. Football takes centre stage during the Michaelmas Term, while Rugby dominates the Lent term, and Cricket shines in the Summer Term.

Girls’ Games

During the Michaelmas Term, girls take part in Hockey, which encourages teamwork and co-ordination. The Lent term offers two choices, Netball, and Hockey, allowing girls to explore and develop their athletic skills. Finally, during the Summer Term, Cricket takes the spotlight, presenting an excellent opportunity for girls to enjoy this classic sport.

Additional options

To further broaden the sporting horizons for our pupils, we offer a range of additional options during the Michaelmas Term. Pupils can opt for activities like Swimming, Rowing, Judo, and Tae Kwon Do, providing diverse opportunities for physical development and personal growth.

In the Lent term, we continue to expand our pupils’ choices by offering a selection of activities, including Swimming, Rowing, Cross Country, Judo, and Tae Kwon Do. Engaging in these sports promotes endurance, discipline, and a healthy competitive spirit.

During the Summer Term, pupils have access to various exciting activities, such as Swimming, Rowing, Tennis, Athletics, Judo, and Tae Kwon Do. These options ensure that our pupils can stay active and explore their interests throughout the school year.


At Bishopsgate, our Physical Education (PE) program is designed to foster competence and confidence in a variety of physical activities. These activities include swimming, gymnastics, dance, hockey, rock climbing, lifesaving, athletics, and tennis.

Preparation for senior school and beyond

We understand the importance of preparing our pupils for their future educational journey. By engaging in a wide range of activities and sports during PE lessons, our pupils are better equipped to explore further sporting opportunities at senior school and beyond.

Developing life skills

Through our PE program, pupils not only improve their physical abilities but also develop essential life skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, and resilience. Our PE program not only aims to develop physical skills but also emphasises the significance of leading a healthy lifestyle. By instilling a love for physical activities early on, we hope to inspire lifelong habits that promote overall well-being.