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Parents’ A to Z

With so much going on in our busy community, prepare to embark on a thrilling journey through the alphabet, uncovering all the fabulous facets of Bishopsgate life!

A is for ArtsFest

Reserve your diary for our annual ArtsFest, a mind-blowing, festival-filled extravaganza of music, drama and dance!

B is for Biodiversity

We are on a journey towards a core focus on biodiversity on the Bishopsgate estate, working in partnership with the Crown Estate and Windsor Great Park. Only by understanding the world in which we find ourselves and developing the skills we need to take action will we be able to enable ourselves to learn how to live more sustainably.

C is for Creativity

Our children are the epitome of creativity and artistic excellence, the transformative power of a Bishopsgate progressive skills-based education that equips children with the ability to ignite passion, to unleash creativity, to unite others, to envision the future.

D is for Dens

Our very own ‘Secret Garden’ offers a place where children can climb trees like fearless explorers, tumble off them like acrobats in training, and build dens that rival the coolest hideouts you’ve ever seen. It’s a haven for adventure, imagination, and pure childhood joy!

E is for Exam preparation

We provide comprehensive support and resources to prepare pupils for exams, helping them build confidence and achieve their best.

F is for Food

We offer nutritious and balanced meals to promote healthy eating habits among our pupils, ensuring they have the energy they need for the school day. Our caterer works exclusively with independent schools to create a premium, fresh and thoughtful food service uniquely tailored to meet the needs of our pupils.

G is for Grading System

Our grading system provides feedback on your child’s progress and helps you understand their academic performance across various subjects.

H is for House Competitions

Our house system fosters a sense of community and healthy competition, as pupils are assigned to different houses for activities and events. The School has four houses: Magellan, Livingstone, Shackleton and Frobisher.

I is for Information Technology (IT)

As a Google School, we integrate technology into our curriculum, equipping pupils with essential IT skills and preparing them for the digital age.

J is for Joint Collaborative Projects

Pupils engage in collaborative projects with their peers, promoting teamwork, creativity, and critical thinking. The house system is one such example where children enjoy a host of competitions as they work together across all age ranges.

K is for Key Personnel

Our dedicated staff, including teachers and support staff, are committed to providing the best educational experience for your child. Please see our Staff List for full details.

L is for Library

Our well-stocked library, led by an experienced full-time librarian, offers a wide range of resources, fostering a love for reading and supporting pupils in their academic pursuits. A game of chess in the library is equally popular on a rainy day!

M is for Medical Care

We prioritise the health and safety of our pupils, with fully trained nurses available around the clock to provide medical care and first aid when needed.

N is for Nutrition and Wellness Initiatives

We promote healthy lifestyles through various initiatives, educating pupils about nutrition, physical activity, and overall wellness.

O is for Outdoor Learning

Bishopsgate recognises the importance of outdoor education and provides timetabled opportunities each week for pupils to learn and explore in our stunning outdoor setting. Pupils are able to regularly access Windsor Great Park too where we celebrate a close partnership.

P is for Parent-Teacher Communication

We celebrate and maintain open and frequent communication with parents, keeping them informed about their child’s progress, events, and important updates.

Q is for Quiz Night

Look out for our fun and educational BSocial quiz nights, offering an opportunity for parents to come together and showcase their knowledge, or perhaps not!

R is for Residentials

Our children, from Years 3 to 8, break free from the chains of technology every year, as they embark on epic adventures that make them feel like fearless explorers! Like mini Indiana Joneses, they hike, climb, and camp their way to newfound independence.

S is for Singing

Every week we celebrate the joyful and holistic activity of singing to enhance emotional well-being, provide an outlet for self-expression, boost confidence and self-esteem and provide yet another avenue for cultural and artistic exploration for our children.

T is for Timetable

Our well-planned timetable ensures a balanced schedule for pupils, incorporating a variety of subjects and activities throughout the day.

U is for Uniform

We have a school uniform policy that fosters a sense of unity and pride among our pupils, promoting a focused and inclusive learning environment. Please do check out our page relating to this on our website.

V is for Volunteer Opportunities

We encourage parents to get involved in our very special school community through various volunteer opportunities, notably through BSocial, our parent teacher association.

W is for Workshops

We organise workshops on a range of topics to enhance pupils’ skills, knowledge, and personal development beyond the standard curriculum. Occasionally, these workshops extend to our parents too!

X is for eXtracurricular Activities

We offer an extensive range of extra-curricular activities to cater to pupils’ interests, providing opportunities for them to explore new passions. Do look out for publication of activities before the beginning of each term.

Y is for Year-end Celebrations

We celebrate the achievements and growth of our pupils with special year-end celebrations, recognising their hard work and dedication, most notably through Sports Assembly, ArtsFest, Final Assembly and, of course, Speech Day. Our Year 8 pupils enjoy the highlight of their time at Bishopsgate during this time too – the Bishopsgate Leavers’ Programme.

Z is for Zero Waste Initiatives

Bishopsgage is committed to environmental sustainability and implements initiatives to minimize waste, promoting eco-consciousness among pupils and the community.