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School Fees

Our school fees cover various aspects of your child’s education and experience. This includes lunch, as well as all compulsory trips, camps, and activities. Any costs related to extracurricular activities, such as external after-school clubs and optional music exam charges and lessons, are charged in the termly invoice.

The School does not participate in the Government Nursery Education Grant Scheme.

We accept Tax Free Childcare and Childcare Vouchers (CCVs) for children up to the age of 5, as well as for qualifying childcare thereafter.

The fees provided here reflect the current academic year. However, please note that these fees are subject to change for the next academic year.

Termly Fees for the Academic Year 2024 – 25

Reception £4,170.00
Year One £4,731.00
Year Two £4,731.00
Year Three £5,651.00
Year Four £5,651.00
Year Five £6,482.00
Year Six £6,482.00
Year Seven £6,482.00
Year Eight £6,482.00


One Morning £458.00
One Day £818.00
Five Mornings £2,290.00
Five Days £4,090.00

A minimum of five sessions per week is required in our Nursery. A morning constitutes one session; a full day is two sessions. Morning sessions are from 8.20am – 12.30pm including lunch and a mid-morning snack. An all-day session is from 8.20am – 3.30pm including lunch, mid-morning and afternoon snacks.

Payment Options

To provide transparency and regularity, we invoice school fees termly.

We offer three convenient payment options to accommodate different preferences:

  1. Termly Direct Debits: A single collection is made on the first day of each term.
  2. Monthly Direct Debits: 3 collections are made per term. The first collection includes all additional expenses, followed by monthly intervals for the next two months.
  3. Full Payment: You have the option to make full payment by the first day of each term. This can be done via bank transfer or by cheque.

Bursaries and Associated Policies

If you require information about bursaries and associated policies, please contact the bursar at, who will be able to answer any queries you may have.