students sat with their teacher


Upper School

The Upper School phase commences in Year 5 and reaches its culmination at the conclusion of Year 8.

At this pivotal stage, our pupils are privileged to receive instruction from an exceptional cadre of educators – a team distinguished by their dedicated commitment, infectious enthusiasm, talent, and innate ability to inspire.

The transition to the Upper School marks an auspicious juncture, heralding a more profound engagement with education. Here, pupils benefit from the tutelage of specialised subject teachers, nurturing a heightened focus on preparation for Common Entrance examinations, Scholarships, and the broader journey of life that awaits beyond these formative years.

Central to our educational ethos is a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses an array of disciplines. Our offerings span the subjects of English, Mathematics, French, Science, Classics, History, Geography, Digital Learning, Art, Design & Technology, Drama, Music, Philosophy & Ethics, Physical Education, Swimming, and Games. This broad curriculum not only imparts knowledge but cultivates a holistic development, equipping pupils with the skills and insights imperative for their intellectual and personal growth.