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Lower School

Nurturing the Growth of Young Minds

Welcome to our Lower School, where the seeds of confidence, comprehensive education, and robust character are carefully sown. As a beacon of educational excellence, our Lower School serves as a nurturing haven where your child’s intellectual growth is fostered, character is cultivated, and a genuine love for learning takes root. Our Lower School fosters confident, well-educated, and character-driven individuals with a passion for learning.

We take immense pride in guiding our pupils toward becoming well-rounded individuals, equipped with a genuine eagerness for learning. Our educational approach seamlessly blends time-tested pedagogy with a pronounced focus on numeracy and literacy, culminating in a comprehensive array of activities and subjects that pave the way for every child to realise their utmost potential. This, in turn, establishes a foundation for early accomplishment, nurturing a sense of fulfilment that resonates through their academic journey through Bishopsgate.

Key Features of the Lower School:

  1. Progressive Pupil Intake: Our entry system commences with two-form entry at the Reception level, welcoming rising 5-year-olds, and subsequently expanding to a three-form intake from Year 3 onward.
  2. Holistic curriculum enrichment: Our curriculum encompasses a diverse spectrum of subjects, spanning English, Mathematics, Science, IT, French, Geography, History, Art, Music, and Physical Education. This thoughtful integration facilitates a creative, interconnected learning experience that fosters a comprehensive grasp of various disciplines.
  3. Specialised teachers: Lower School pupils benefit from specialist instructors in Physical Education, Swimming, Music, and French, ensuring that each child benefits from expert guidance in these essential curriculum areas.
  4. Enriching extra-curricular endeavours: Beyond the classroom, our Lower School offers a wide range of after-school activities, including engaging pursuits like cookery, tennis, and ballet. These extra-curricular opportunities contribute to the holistic development of our pupils, enhancing their skills, interests, and sense of accomplishment.