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Charity Commission

Charity Commission

A beacon of philanthropy and social responsibility

Embracing the spirit of charity and fostering a deep sense of social responsibility, Bishopsgate stands as a remarkable charitable trust. Our core ethos revolves around public benefit, ensuring that education reaches those who may have otherwise not been able to access an invaluable opportunity. We passionately believe in providing access to a transformative education, igniting the minds of children and unlocking boundless potential.

Expanding horizons, creating opportunities

Bishopsgate is committed to breaking down barriers and widening the gates of opportunity. We open our doors to children who yearn for knowledge, but may face financial constraints. Through our unwavering dedication, we enable these pupils to benefit from the outstanding education we provide. Our holistic approach nurtures young minds, empowering them to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Community collaboration: sharing our treasures

Our strong bonds with the local community are of paramount importance to us. Bishopsgate actively seeks meaningful connections, bridging the gap between our school and the vibrant community that surrounds us. We generously share our human and physical resources, fostering collaboration and enriching the lives of those who engage with us. Together, we unlock new possibilities and build a stronger, more united community.

Philanthropy in action

At Bishopsgate, our commitment to philanthropy runs deep. We wholeheartedly support chosen organisations by raising funds. We believe in the power of collective action, where pupils, staff, and parents join forces to make a substantial impact. Fundraising activities are driven by our pupils, as they select charities that resonate with their hearts and passions. Additionally, our dedicated staff and parents organise captivating events that further bolster our charitable endeavours.

Ensuring public benefit

As a charitable trust, Bishopsgate adheres to the rigorous standards set forth by the Charity Commission. We wholeheartedly embrace their public benefit requirements, diligently working to meet and exceed their expectations. To learn more about our commitment to public benefit, we invite you to visit the Charity Commission website, where you can delve deeper into the noble cause that drives our school.