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Lower School

Reception (Age 4-5)

A warm and nurturing start to reception

At the beginning of each academic year, we simply cannot wait to embark on an exciting journey of early education in Reception! Our vibrant environment, specially designed for children aged 4 to 5, offers a warm and nurturing haven where children can take their first steps towards a bright future.

Nurturing young minds

In our two Reception classes, we understand the immense importance of the early years in shaping a child’s future. At Bishopsgate, we provide a loving and caring environment that values and supports each child, ensuring they feel cherished on their learning adventure. Our highly experienced staff guide learning through play, allowing every child to explore and flourish at their own pace.

Endless adventures in learning

We are proud to unleash boundless learning opportunities in our Reception curriculum. With a focus on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, we create a positive and enriched start to a child’s formative education. We are proud to attract and retain highly experienced teachers that follow the children’s interests, sparking their curiosity and igniting a thirst for knowledge that knows no limits.

A world of exploration awaits

In Reception, we immerse children in a rich and stimulating setting. Housed in the magnificent Windsor Building, specifically designed for our youngest learners, our classrooms are surrounded by a wealth of exciting facilities. From our enchanting Forest School to our dazzling 25m swimming pool, dedicated play areas to our brand-new sports hall, and a vast 30-acre Crown Estate land neighboring Windsor Great Park, your child will have the world at their fingertips.

Tailored for individual brilliance

At Bishopsgate, we celebrate the uniqueness of every child. Our Reception classes offer a diverse range of open-ended play resources and specialist teaching sessions, including Outdoor Learning, Physical Education with our experienced Games staff, Music, weekly swimming lessons, French, Phonics, and Literacy. Through these tailored experiences, we nurture each child’s exceptional talents and interests, helping them discover their passions from the very start.

Creating lasting bonds

At Bishopsgate, we believe that strong partnerships with parents are vital in fostering each child’s development and growth. Together, we form an unbeatable team dedicated to ensuring the most magical start to your child’s education. Regular communication and active involvement are encouraged, as we build lasting bonds that support your child’s journey.

Unleashing confident futures

In our Early Years department, we hold high expectations for our Reception children. Our goal is to nurture them into enthusiastic, skilled, kind, respectful, and, most importantly, confident members of our vibrant school community. By the time they transition to Year 1, your child will be equipped with the skills and mindset to embrace the next chapter of their education with zest.