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Upper School

Years 5 – 8 (Age 8-13)

Discovering boundless horizons from Year 5

In the Upper School at Bishopsgate, we believe in nurturing young minds to reach their fullest potential. In Year 5, our pupils step into the Upper School, or ‘Jubilee Building’; a purpose-built setting that houses the academic departments for our oldest pupils. Pupils are greeted with inspiring subject specialists, each equipped with dedicated classrooms designed to ignite the flames of curiosity and exploration.

An academic wonderland

We encourage pupils to embrace the freedom to explore a broad curriculum, carefully crafted to unleash their unique talents and interests. While we acknowledge the National Curriculum’s foundations, we believe in fostering an environment where creativity thrives beyond any limitations where Art, Drama, Physical Education, Music, Games and Design Technology are celebrated, and where talents are whole-heartedly acknowledged.

Empowering through technology

We embrace the future of education, where technology is seamlessly woven into our educational fabric. Every Upper School child is issued with their very own personal Chromebook, empowering them to enhance their learning experience through modern tools and resources.

Unleashing well-rounded individuals

At Bishopsgate, we not only enrich young minds with a strong core of knowledge but also cultivate well-rounded individuals with confidence and effective communication skills. The Pre-senior Baccaleureate programme helps support a transformative journey, enabling children to conquer challenges and unlock their true potential with a positive mindset and a ‘can do’ attitude.

Years 5 and 6: nurturing personal growth

In these formative years, our dedicated form tutors are the compass guiding pupils on their personal journey. We foster a dynamic and all-encompassing curriculum, carefully preparing them for senior school assessments at 13+ but which take normally take place in Year 6. We are immensely proud of our outstanding track record in senior school entrance examinations stands testament to the exceptional education our pupils receive.

Years 7 and 8: A journey of character and leadership

Years 7 and 8 at Bishopsgate form the bedrock of character development and leadership skills at Bishopsgate. Pupils thrive in mixed vertical tutor groups, learning from and supporting one another. Academic lessons unfold within year-specific timetables, while shared moments during form time, PSHEE, and senior activities deepen bonds among pupils.