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Destination Schools and Scholarships

At Bishopsgate, we take immense pride in our self-sufficiency and independence, which are the cornerstones of our commitment to delivering a diverse and exceptional educational experience. Our dedication to fostering excellence stands firmly on its own merits, ensuring that each pupil’s educational journey is enriching and comprehensive.

Nurturing excellence

Bishopsgate transcends the role of a mere stepping-stone towards senior school. Instead, it holds a paramount position as the critical element of a well-rounded education. As a result, our pupils are well-prepared to embark on the next phase of their academic pursuit, entering senior schools with confidence, knowledge, and an unrivalled track record of success.

A gateway to future success

Each year, Bishopsgate pupils leave our gates at the end of Year 8 with an impressive 100% success rate at Common Entrance and an enviable scholarship record. These accomplishments are a testament to the exceptional education provided at Bishopsgate, as our pupils have been awarded scholarships in academic, music, and sport for their outstanding achievements in these areas.

Guiding the journey towards senior school

The journey of discovering the right future school commences in Year 5 at Bishopsgate. Alongside our meticulous pupil preparation, our Headmaster and Deputy Head (Teaching and Learning) engage in meaningful discussions with parents, exploring the best options and ideal fit for the next stage of their child’s education.

Unparalleled connections with senior schools

Bishopsgate is privileged to cultivate excellent relationships with the top senior schools in the country where Heads frequently visit Bishopsgate, fostering collaboration and shared knowledge. Our dedicated teachers possess valuable insights into the requirements and expectations of these senior schools, ensuring that our Year 8 pupils leave our institution thoroughly prepared, confident, and ready to embrace their next academic step.

An extensive array of senior school destinations

Bishopsgate prides itself on being a launchpad to an extensive range of senior school destinations for our leavers. We proudly feed into renowned institutions such as Hampton School, St Mary’s, Ascot, Wellington College, St George’s, Ascot, Lord Wandsworth College, Bradfield College, Charterhouse, Sir William Perkin’s’ School, and many others. Bishopsgate is also surrounded by some excellent 13+ maintained secondary schools and some of our leavers go to The Windsor Boys’ School or Windsor Girls’ School at the end of Year 8. This remarkable breadth of options offers our pupils diverse opportunities to continue their educational journey in institutions that align with their aspirations and potential.