students with their teacher

Upper School

Leadership Opportunities

A leadership revolution

At Bishopsgate, we believe that fostering leadership skills in our pupils is an essential aspect of their holistic development. Upper School leadership opportunities provide a dynamic platform for students to explore and cultivate their leadership potential, empowering them to become confident, responsible, and compassionate leaders of tomorrow.
At the heart of our school lies a unique opportunity for senior students to shine as they embrace a diverse range of responsibilities. From fostering a love for reading in younger peers to spearheading the leadership of our vibrant houses, students unleash their full potential in influential roles.

Camp Challenges for modern times

In September, the academic year starts off with an exciting camp designed exclusively for the students in Years 7 and 8. This epic camp takes teamwork and camaraderie to the next level with a series of mind-blowing challenges that will bond these students into an unstoppable squad.

The Bishopsgate Award

Students discover the captivating ‘Bishopsgate Award’ in Years 6, 7, and 8 as they embark on an extraordinary journey of personal growth and recognition. Inspired by the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Award, this distinguished accolade celebrates their remarkable strides in diverse domains, from service and skill to adventure and global consciousness. The path to success unfolds with opportunities to earn coveted Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards, marking their outstanding dedication and accomplishments.

The Bishopsgate Leavers’ Programme

After their Common Entrance examinations, our exhilarating Leavers’ Programme springs into action, immersing Year 8 in a thrilling array of experiences. They brace themselves for an adventure-filled schedule, brimming with heart-pounding physical challenges, residential field trips and invigorating team-building exercises. Each year, as the children successfully complete the programme, they embark on their next chapter with a triumphant spirit, leaving behind fears conquered, eternal friendships, and an unwavering confidence that reaches unprecedented heights. The Bishopsgate Leavers’ Programme presents an extraordinary opportunity for children to bid farewell to cherished friends and beloved staff, culminating in an unforgettable hurrah that will forever remain etched in their memories.

A blueprint for senior school

The Years 7 and 8 experience at Bishopsgate provides an ideal preparation for senior school, whether it is in the independent or maintained sector. Our emphasis on leadership, well-rounded curriculum, and ample opportunities for personal growth ensure that our pupils are well-prepared for their next academic journey.