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Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

Matron and Medical Care

Meet our experienced and caring Matrons

At Bishopsgate, the well-being of our pupils is of utmost importance. That is why we have two highly experienced and caring Matrons, Mrs Gawley RN DipHE and Mrs Schofield RN DipHE, both qualified nurses with extensive backgrounds in paediatric and emergency medicine. With their expertise, your child’s health and safety are in capable hands.

A warm and welcoming Medical Room

Our Medical Room is thoughtfully designed to be a comforting space for pupils in need of care. The room is appropriately cosy, furnished with plush cushions and soft toys that offer a soothing atmosphere.

Dedicated first aid instruction for staff

Safety is our priority at Bishopsgate, and that is why Mrs Schofield, one of our Matrons, is a fully accredited first aid instructor. She conducts comprehensive first aid courses, including specialised training in Paediatric First Aid, for all our staff members. This ensures that our staff are well prepared to handle any emergency promptly and efficiently.

Attentive care for illness or discomfort

Should your child fall sick or feel unwell during the school day, our Matrons are here to provide attentive care. They will promptly contact parents and request the child to be collected. Until the parents arrive, Matron will stay with the child, ensuring they are comfortable and looked after with utmost care.

A well-equipped spares cupboard

At Bishopsgate, we understand that unexpected situations can arise. That is why our Matrons maintain a well-stocked spares cupboard; equipped to handle any occasional emergencies that may occur during the school day. Your child’s safety and well-being are always our top priority.

Expert health advice

Our commitment to your child’s health does not stop at the school gates. Matron frequently shares valuable health advice in our weekly newsletter, The Nutshell: from seasonal concerns like tick season to tips on dealing with head lice or ensuring proper sun care, our Matrons’ expertise is invaluable in keeping parents informed and our pupils healthy.