home grown beet and feta

Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

Food and Nourishment

Savouring health and flavour at Bishopsgate

At Bishopsgate, we take our commitment to well-being seriously, especially when it comes to the nourishment of our pupils. Our unwavering dedication ensures that the food we offer is not only delicious but also highly nutritious, striking the perfect balance between taste and health.

Superb dining experience: a culinary delight for all

The heart of our home at Bishopsgate lies in our Dining Hall, where our school community comes together to enjoy delectable food prepared by our superb team of chefs and kitchen staff. Here, a wide array of mouth-watering options awaits pupils, staff, and visitors, designed to cater to diverse palates and dietary preferences.

A bounty of choice

At Bishopsgate, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of food to our pupils. Our Dining Hall offers at least two cooked options every day, accompanied by a regular jacket potato selection and a delightful pasta and salad bar. Seasonable homemade soup is always on offer too. Additionally, a fully stocked assortment of cold meats, salad items, and fresh fruits, along with both cooked and cold desserts, adds a delightful touch to every meal.

Thoughtful and wholesome snacks

Understanding the importance of nourishing our pupils throughout the day, our catering team thoughtfully prepares a variety of snacks outside of lunchtime. These treats are carefully chosen to maintain energy levels and keep our pupils refreshed and focused.

Culinary expertise

Our Chef Manager ensures that our pupils are treated to freshly prepared, nutritious, and flavoursome meals daily, incorporating a wide range of proteins, including nourishing oily fish, to support cognitive health. Additionally, she offers plenty of imaginative plant-based options, featuring an enticing variety of beans and pulses.

A food journey of excellence

With an unwavering commitment to food and nourishment, Bishopsgate stands as a beacon of excellence in providing high-quality dining experiences to our pupils and the entire school community. Our delicious and nutritious offerings, crafted by our talented team of chefs, showcase our dedication to the well-being and happiness of everyone at Bishopsgate.