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A broad and engaging curriculum

At Bishopsgate, we take immense pride in offering a comprehensive and intellectually stimulating curriculum that fosters both engagement and academic excellence. Our multifaceted educational curriculum is thoughtfully designed to instil a genuine passion for learning in every child. Encompassing an extensive range of subjects, including English, Maths, French, Spanish, Science, Latin, History, Geography, Digital Learning, Art, Design & Technology, Drama, Music, Philosophy and Ethics, Physical Education, Food Technology, Swimming, Games, Adventure and Expeditions, our curriculum leaves no stone unturned in nurturing our pupils’ intellectual curiosity, leadership and initiative.

Fostering inquisitive minds

Central to our educational philosophy is the encouragement of questioning minds. We firmly believe that inquisitiveness is the cornerstone of deep learning, and it is our mission to nurture a belief in our pupils that there are no boundaries to knowledge acquisition. By fostering an environment that celebrates exploration and challenges the status quo, our pupils learn to delve deeper into their subjects, unlocking a profound understanding and appreciation for the world around them.


The resounding success of our pupils is a testament to the academic rigour and holistic development they experience at Bishopsgate. The results are not confined to the classroom; our scholarship pupils have been acknowledged for their excellence in academics, music, and sports. They have been offered scholarships in various fields and have excelled at the country’s most prestigious senior schools.

Common Entrance examinations

Our Year 8 pupils sit Common Entrance Examinations in the core subjects of Mathematics, English, Science, French, and Latin. Other subjects are assessed using creative and imaginative methods.

An emphasis on learning skills

Our philosophy of deep learning is supported by the Pre-Senior Baccalaureate (PSB), a visionary initiative that emphasises the significance of skills alongside knowledge acquisition in a forward-thinking curriculum. The PSB fosters an environment where subjects intertwine, self-awareness flourishes, and the head, hand, and heart are cultivated harmoniously in every endeavour.

A lasting legacy

When our pupils leave Bishopsgate, they do so with an enriched sense of self-awareness, recognising their strengths and areas for growth. They carry with them a profound understanding of their learning habits and skills profiles, and an unparalleled attainment across the curriculum. Our leavers are highly sought after by senior schools for their exceptional qualities, ensuring a seamless transition to the next stage of their academic journey. By fostering inquisitive minds, nurturing vital attributes, and embracing a forward-thinking approach to education, we shape our pupils into lifelong learners who leave an indelible mark on the world.