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Lower School

Extended Day

Limitless horizons

At Bishopsgate School, we are passionate about providing our pupils with exciting opportunities to expand their horizons and embrace new adventures beyond the classroom. Our Extended Day Activities program is designed to do just that – to ignite their curiosity, nurture their interests, and forge lasting friendships with fellow explorers.

Exploring new passions

Our Extended Day Activities program is as diverse as the imaginations of our pupils. From adrenaline-pumping sports like lacrosse, cross country, and rowing to the artistic expressions of baking club, art, and ballet – we have it all! Whether your child is an aspiring athlete, a budding artist, or a lover of intellectual challenges, there is an activity to captivate and inspire every young mind.

A supportive oasis for working parents

We understand that as parents, juggling work and family life can be a demanding feat. That is why Bishopsgate’s Extended Day Activities program offers the perfect solution. With activities that extend beyond regular school hours, parents can rest assured that their children are engaged in enriching and supervised experiences, all while developing essential life skills and discovering their passions.

Embracing a world of languages

In today’s interconnected world, linguistic skills are a gateway to global opportunities. Bishopsgate takes pride in offering a plethora of language options, including Spanish, Mandarin, French, and English Booster. Through engaging language sessions, we empower our pupils to communicate confidently and embrace cultural diversity.

Enrichment beyond borders – partnering with external experts

We believe in exposing our pupils to the best opportunities available, and this includes collaborating with external experts. While most activities are fully supported by the school, some specialized programs like tennis, Tae Kwon Do, and Mandarin, offered by external companies, may have a nominal fee, invoiced termly. These unique offerings further elevate the experience, ensuring our pupils receive the best of both worlds.