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About Us


An estate of limitless wonder

Nestled on an expansive 30-acre site on the prestigious Crown Estate, adjacent to the world-famous Windsor Great Park, Bishopsgate embraces a realm of enchantment. Our children step into a world where woodland sanctuaries, captivating ‘secret gardens’, and boundless sports pitches beckon our pupils to embark on an extraordinary journey of discovery, play, and learning. And we seamlessly blend the pursuit of knowledge with the delightful joy of getting muddy!

Unparalleled facilities

Bishopsgate is blessed to possess exceptional facilities, rivalling the very best in the independent sector. Our pupils have the privilege of honing their skills in a state-of-the-art 25-metre swimming pool, perfecting their moves on the Astroturf, showcasing their talents on the Hard Courts, and embracing their creativity within the intimate confines of our Performing Arts theatre and Dance Studio. We proudly introduce the awe-inspiring ‘Winson Hall,’ a ground-breaking £4.3m development that elevates the sporting experience for our pupils to new heights.

A tapestry of natural splendour

Immersed in the embrace of Surrey’s magnificent countryside, children spend their school days amidst 30 acres of picturesque beauty. Beyond the confines of traditional classrooms, they find themselves climbing trees, mastering the art of cricket, or simply venturing into the great unknown. Our magnificent estate seamlessly merges meticulously manicured sports pitches with breath-taking pockets of untamed natural wonders. At Bishopsgate, we blur the boundaries of the classroom, providing endless opportunities for our pupils to learn, take risks, seek inspiration, or simply revel in the great outdoors.

A sustainable vision

In partnership with the Crown Estate and Windsor Great Park, Bishopsgate integrates a robust sustainability curriculum into our pupils’ educational journey. We believe that nurturing a profound connection to the natural environment not only equips our children with practical skills but also ignites their spirits with boundless entertainment and sheer joy. Engrossed in enriching projects, such as cultivating our vegetable gardens, constructing wild hedgerows or planting trees, our pupils become stewards of the land, perpetuating its beauty for generations to come.

A beacon of environmental enlightenment

At Bishopsgate, we recognise the vital importance of educating our children about pressing environmental issues. Fuelled by an unyielding commitment to combat climate change, improve local air quality, foster wildlife habitats, and enhance soil quality in our surroundings, we empower our pupils to be catalysts for positive change. Through immersive experiences and transformative education, we kindle their passion for the natural world, nurturing a deep understanding of their role as custodians of our precious planet.